Over 5 Million People Will Not Work Next Week Because They Are Sick With the Coronavirus Omicron Plague as America Hits Its Second Highest Daily Case Count of Nearly a Million Infections, Putting a Serious Strain on Businesses and Transportation — As Daniel Whyte III Has Said for Over 5 Years, Ladies and Gentlemen, You Are Witnessing the Loving, Merciful, Slow-rolling Dismantling and Destruction of America Piece by Piece Due to the Abominations and Sins That the Church Has Committed and Sanctioned and That the Government Has Committed and Sanctioned, and He Says “Get Your House in Order” and “Prepare to Meet Your God.” The America That God Has Blessed Us to Know, We Shall Know It No More. America as We Know It, Is FINISHED. She Will Never be the Same. In the Words of the Prophet Daniel of Old, “This Is the Interpretation of the Thing: Mene; God Hath Numbered Thy Kingdom, and FINISHED It.”

The United States has posted its second-highest daily total for new COVID-19 cases, as one expert predicts some 5 million […]