Ukrainian Military Prepare for New Attack From Russia around the Eastern City of Sloviansk

Members of the Dnipro-1 regiment carry logs to fortify their position near Sloviansk, Donetsk region, eastern Ukraine, Friday, Aug. 5, 2022. While the lull in rocket strikes has offered a reprieve to remaining residents, some members of the Ukrainian unit say it could be a prelude to renewed Russian attacks. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Ukrainian military personnel are fortifying their positions around the eastern city of Sloviansk in expectation of a fresh Russian attempt to seize the strategic point in the fiercely fought-over Donetsk region.

As heavy ground fighting continues on the front line only miles to the east, southeast and north of Sloviansk, members of the Dnipro-1 Regiment are digging in after a week of relative calm. The last Russian strike on the city occurred on July 30.

While the lull provided Sloviansk’s remaining residents a reprieve after regular shellings between April and July, some unit members say it could be a prelude to renewed attacks.

“I think it won’t be calm for long. Eventually, there will be an assault,” Col. Yurii Bereza, the head of the volunteer national guard regiment, told The Associated Press on Friday, adding that he expected the area to get “hot” in the coming days.


Source: Associated Press, JUSTIN SPIKE

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