Former Indiana Youth Pastor Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Molesting Boys

GOSHEN, Ind. (WNDU) – A former Goshen youth leader is going to prison for admittedly molesting several young boys between the ages of 11 and 13 during the better half of the last decade.

Scott Christner is starting a 20-year prison sentence on Wednesday, which is the most time he could spend behind bars because of the terms of his plea deal. However, the judge ordered a 21-year suspended sentence that could land him back in prison if he violates probation within the 10 years following his prison term.

Christner received three 9-year sentences for Level 4 felonies and will serve 20 of those years in prison with seven suspended. He received two 7-year sentences for a pair of Class C felonies to be served along with the remaining suspended sentence if he violates his parole after the prison time.

In the courtroom, Christner, a character witness he brought up, and his attorney argued for probation only in this sentencing. Meanwhile, personal and written statements from victims and their family members sought a sentence more in line with what was eventually ruled.

One victim wrote about Christner’s “Double life, pretending to be a kind, giving man, while also molesting kids.”

A no-contact order kept Christner out of the lives of his victims since he was arrested in 2019, but on Wednesday one of those victims sat just feet away from the man who molested him and got away with it for years afterward.

It’s nearly ten years after Scott Christner touched his first victim back in 2012. These crimes continued until as recently as July 2019 just a few months before he was arrested that November.

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Source: WNDU