Catholic Priest Orders Maskless Man Out of Mass in Washington State Before He Begins Fighting With Men Who Try to Remove Him and Almost Topples the Altar

A shocking videos shows the moment a brawl erupted in a Catholic church during mass after a maskless troublemaker was ordered to leave by the priest – with the ensuing fight almost toppling the altar.

In the October 24 footage, taken from one of the pews and viewed nearly 170,000 times, the man can be seen kneeling toward the front of the church when Father Paul Brunet stops reading a psalm, puts down his outstretched hands and points at the man, telling him ‘you are in trespass.’

Then, he urges members of the St. Frances Cabrini Parish in Lakewood, Washington State to ‘get the security guards.’

The man gets up onto the pulpit, approaching the now-seated priest, then turns around to the congregation and says ‘keep your hands off me.’

He was previously ordered not to trespass at the church, and was also going bare-faced in contravention of state and county rules stipulating that people must wear masks when in an indoor public space.

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Source: Daily Mail