World’s first robot artist named Ai-Da is set to exhibit series of self-portraits which were created while she ‘looked’ in mirror with her camera eyes

A humanoid AI robot will exhibit a series of ‘self portraits’ she created by ‘looking’ into a mirror with her camera eyes.

The robot – called Ai-Da after the 19th-century mathematician Ada Lovelace – is the first ultra-realistic robot capable of drawing people from life using her eye and a pencil in her hand, according to her creators.

Ai-Da’s work will be displayed at the Design Museum in London between May and June – if lockdown rules allow.

She ‘looked’ into the mirror and AI processes and algorithm programmes transformed what she saw into co-ordinates.

The robotic hand used by Ai-Da – which was developed by engineers in Leeds – then calculates a virtual path, interpreting co-ordinates to create the piece of art.

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Source: Daily Mail