Lecrae Urges Christians to Put God’s Kingdom Before Politics

Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist Lecrae believes there is a “spiritual war” taking place within America and people are misguided over who is truly in control of their lives.

The artist wrote on Instagram, “There are two kingdoms at war. The empires of man and the Kingdom of God. Which one has true power? Which one leads people to real freedom?”

“I believe God is challenging us to not idolize the empire. Or the ‘freedom’ it provides,” he added. “The devil has a plot but God has a plan.”

His comments had been shared on Wednesday, the same day that the US Capitol building was overrun by a violent swarm of rioters. Then on Thursday, Lecrae reflected more on his position during an 11-minute video.


“There’s nothing wrong with a nation, but when you look to a nation to be your hope, you find yourself with an idol that’s never going to live up to the expectations that you need it to live up to,” he explained. “You find yourself on the wrong side of eternal history.”

The Kingdom of God, he said, “will have a King who will righteously rule. But the earthly empire is gonna fade away. And I think a lot of people are caught up in the empire right now. And this is not to say you don’t get involved in politics, you don’t take civic responsibilities. But it is to say that you move with the intention of making sure that the Kingdom is represented wherever you go.”

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Source: CBN