Orphaned Puppies Are Found Clinging to the Body of Their Frozen Mother in -20c Weather in Russia, Now Their Rescuers Are Looking for New Homes for the Pups

Seven orphaned puppies have been rescued after spending three days clinging to the frozen body of their mother in Siberia.

The whining animals were found sheltering next to their mother, who had died in intense minus 20C cold in the Krasnoyarsk region of Russia.

Dog shelter rescuers said it took two days to catch the orphaned puppies who refused to leave the spot where their mother, a stray, lay in the snow in Yemelyanovo settlement.

Now rescuers want a Christmas miracle for each of the puppies – believed to be one month old – by finding them good new homes.

Rescuers fear the mother could have been poisoned by locals seeking to get rid of strays, and then froze to death in the Siberian cold.

‘We are in fact at a loss [as to] what happened,’ said a resident.

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Source: Daily Mail