Nigerian Leaders Continue to Allow Genocidal Persecution of Christians

ABUJA, Nigeria ( – While international human rights groups are warning of “genocidal” persecution of Nigeria’s Christians, Nigeria’s Abp. Ignatius Kaigama wants government leaders to stop the violence.

Persecution of Nigeria’s Christians by well-armed Muslim Fulani militants is approaching genocidal levels, according to a report filed July 15 titled “Nigeria: The Genocide is Loading” by the international human rights organization Jubilee Campaign (JC). Their report submitted to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Netherlands, indicated Nigeria’s leaders are doing little to stop the genocide.

A senior Nigerian prelate, Abp. Kaigama of Abuja, Nigeria, is backing claims that biased authorities were blaming Christians instead of Islamic militants for the deadly violence.

“Biased and prejudiced official security reports,” said the archbishop, “heighten tension when they blame the victims instead of the aggressors because of the Nigerian ‘factor’ of tribal or religious affiliation. This sadly keeps the fire of the crisis raging.”

Coadjutor archbishop of Abuja, Kaigma has been watching the Christian persecution escalate with Islamic authorities doing little to stop it. In the midst of recent attacks, the archbishop noted that government security was seldom if ever present and contacted the deputy commissioner of police (DCP) for help. He was dumbfounded, however, when the DCP proceeded to blame Christians for prompting the militant attacks.

“When I called the DCP and asked how the situation was,” said Kaigma, “his immediate remark was, ‘Your people like fighting.'”

In his statement, however, Kaigma explained, “Generally, it is when the militant herdsmen vanish after their deadly attacks that the poor villagers try to react to protect or defend themselves.”

His testimony is backed by the July report filed by JC, which also held a press conference in Washington, D.C. July 15 to discuss their findings. JC’s director, Ann Buwalda, said at the press conference that Fulani militants have killed thousands of Christians in Nigeria and have displaced more than a million others.

“Why are there nearly 1 million IDPs [displaced Nigerians] from the northeast of Nigeria?” asked Buwalda.

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Source: Church Militant