World’s Smallest Baby to Be Born Discharged From Hospital in Tokyo

A baby boy born in Tokyo is believed to be the world’s smallest recorded preemie. He has recently been discharged from the hospital in good health, having survived delivery at 24 weeks.

Weighing “the same as a large onion” at 268 grams, the baby was so small he fit into an adult’s cupped hands.

He was delivered by emergency C-section in Keio University Hospital after he reportedly stopped growing in the womb.

He spent 5 months in the hospital for treatment in intensive care. When released last week, two months after his initial due date, he had grown to a weight of 3.2 kg, and is “now feeding normally,” BBC News reports.

“I can only say I’m happy that he has grown this big because honestly, I wasn’t sure he could survive,” said the child’s mother.

The doctor who treated the infant, Doctor Takeshi Arimitsu, told the BBC that according to a database compiled by the University of Iowa of the world’s smallest surviving babies, the boy was the littlest infant born on record to be released from a hospital.

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Source: Christian Headlines