John Piper Shares the Secret to Fighting Anxiety

Theologian John Piper says the secret to fighting anxiety is knowing that God has works out everything for your good.

In a Memorial Day episode of Ask Pastor John, a Desiring God podcast, the producer said he recently ran a search of the show’s email inbox for the words “anxious” and “anxiety” and found that those terms came up in over 600 emails, as they often receive questions about anxiety-related issues.

Piper recounted that when he and his wife were in their mid-30s, finances were tight and they were regularly going over their budget. They discovered they were charging more expenses on their credit card so they cut it up but ended up keeping another one, though never using it.

He lost this card while on vacation in California.

“I had no idea where it was. It could’ve been at the seals show in SeaWorld, or it could have been in a fruit shop in Tijuana, where we had crossed the border to visit Mexico. It could’ve been in who knows how many McDonald’s. It could have been on the beach in Coronado, California — where the sand really is gold and the condos sell for a $1.25 million,” Piper said.

But he was not worried about this, he said.

“Under ordinary circumstances, I would have concluded that someone had already charged the limit on our card, and that we were in deep trouble. I would usually get mad at myself or the family. I would take it out on somebody with frustration indirectly. I would, of course, try to find some divine purpose that God was working through this while struggling to be happy.”

“This time it was different. I felt no worries at all. I didn’t get angry with anyone. I never felt any frustration. I was happy the whole way through.”

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Source: Christian Post