Connie Bremer Murray of the ’70s Jesus Movement Says Holy Spirit ‘Tsunami’ Is Coming

At least a remnant of the people involved in the Jesus movement of the ’70s are longing for another wave of the Spirit to pour over the world. One key participant in the movement believes something much bigger is coming.

“Those days are going to return, the Lord has already told me that,” says Connie Bremer Murray, once married to evangelist Lonnie Frisbee, the man God used to propel the growth of two denominations: Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard movement.

“He told me that was a wave. But this next thing is going to be like a tsunami.” About 15 years ago, God first began to impress on Connie’s heart that something big was coming, but lately she has been sensing this more and more.

At first, the idea of a tsunami seemed merely like a bigger wave.

“Then the Lord revealed to me a tsunami tears things up, tosses things. There will be a real gathering in and a real winnowing of the wheat,” she says.

Biblical cultures used windy hilltops for the winnowing process, separating grain from chaff. “There is nothing like people coming to God on their knees or coming to their right thinking when they are persecuted or times get hard. I don’t know what it is going to entail,” she notes.

“Any of us who are alive who participated in the harvest fields in our youth, the ‘olders’ will be supporting the ‘youngers,’ giving them (food) to eat, spare cars, and spare rooms as they travel.”

She thinks the movement may begin among young people. “I see a real stirring among young people of today, the 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20-year-olds. When I run into them, they don’t want anything phony. They are looking for the real deal – a real connection with the Holy Spirit,” she says.

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Source: Christian Post