Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ Series Is Rumored to Be About a Young Aragorn

Here’s what we know about Amazon’s forthcoming $1 billion Lord of the Rings series: Peter Jackson is in talks to be involved. The series will run for five seasons. The show won’t look any further into the War of the Ring covered in the books and existing movies.

However, new reports from indicated that the Amazon series, at least for the first season, will focus on a young Aragorn.

Yes, the character sort of hits his prime during the War of the Ring, starting as a Ranger of the North and ending as the King of Gondor, but there are still plenty of things to draw from in regards to his 80-odd years before the events of the Fellowship. He has Arwen and Elrond to mess around with, plus his time with the elves and his time before that with his actual father.

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Source: Relevant Magazine

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