Armond WakeUp Announces “40 Days” EP; Releases Single “The Hold”


Armond WakeUp and Illect Recordings are excited to announce his new EP 40 Days, releasing December 8th, 2017. The 5 track project is entirely produced by Wes Pendleton.

Armond shares, “With this being my first official release in nearly four years, I wanted to audibly document everything that happened from then until now. I began to delve into Jesus’ 40 day fast in the wilderness, and as a result I began to see myself in it. Mostly, seeing the need to pin down the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye & the pride of life that has had such a grip on me since the beginning.

The Bible doesn’t really detail all that Jesus experienced in those 40 Days. He was in the wilderness, Satan tempted Him a few times, He resisted & angels ministered to Him. Immediately after that, Jesus returns to finish His Father’s work. But what did that look like? If He was in the wilderness, He had to be around wolves & bears & lions. I’m sure He was beyond hangry, His mind was probably wandering all over the place. He was hot in the day & cold at night. He was likely lonely. Just a consistently intense time of consecration. And I wanted to explore those questions musically.

I’ve always been as transparent as I knew how to be, but I’ve learned that maybe my transparency wasn’t as see through as I believed it was. I always thought that even in “being honest”, that I had to have the solution. And that the solution was Jesus. It is, but what does that look like? I’ve learned that looks like the process. That the life of the believer looks like submission in the wilderness. Constantly surrounded by elements that could kill us if we engage them & allow them to consume us, the fight isn’t to overcome, rather the fight is to submit to the One who has already overcome everything for us. But again, what does that look like? What if those things sound good in theory & seem impossible in practice?

The EP connects to the album, because it details my experience in this fight. Days where I’m all in & weeks when I don’t want to be bothered. Wes Pendleton crafted a beautiful landscape with his production for me to express every situation I use this project to deal with; death, feelings, selfishness, acceptance & rejection, vanity, & much more. In order to win, we must first become intimate with loss. 40 Days.

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40 Days track listing
1. The Mourning
2. The Hold
3. The Vanity
4. The Feels
5. The Worth

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