Propaganda Set to Release Third Album, “Crooked,” June 30


The wait is over… almost.
Humble Beast is proud to announce the release date for Propaganda’s Crooked album. His third solo LP with Humble Beast is due out June 30.

As with all Humble Beast releases, Propaganda’s Crooked album will be available for free download on June 30. However, supporters who wish to financially support the movement can pre-order the project now on iTunes.


The digital iTunes version includes bonus tracks and, upon purchase, supporters will receive instant grat tracks.


  1. Crooked Way feat. Terence F. Clark
  2. It’s Complicated
  3. Bear With Me feat. Marz Ferrer
  4. Cynical feat. Aaron Marsh & Sho Baraka
  5. Slow Cook
  6. Do Know Wrong feat. Macho
  7. Gentrify
  8. I Hate Cats
  9. Darkie feat. Micah Bournes & Jackie Hill-Perry
  10. It’s Not Working (The Truth) feat. Courtney Orlando
  11. Andrew Mandela feat. Topknot Feather
  12. Olympian
  13. Made Straight feat. Audrey Assad


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SOURCE: Humble Beast

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