Jazz Vocalist Robert E. Person Releases Thought Provoking Lyric Video to His Anthem of Social and Cultural Tolerance “Let My People Live”


As we approach the month of June and observe that it is African-American Music Appreciation Month (Black Music Month), established in the U.S. by President Jimmy Carter in 1979, we not only celebrate the artistic value of black music and its creatives, but we acknowledge the impact of music in our lives and in our culture.  The power of a song can mend a broken heart, inspire for a brighter future and ignite unity across communities, ethnic races and international cultures. 

Recognizing the universal influence of music, Jazz vocalist Robert E. Person and pianist Allyn Johnson joined to write “Let My People Live” to kindle peace in our society, encourage positive dialog and change to the many unnecessary instances of police brutality, and petition individuals to embrace cultural tolerance. 
“Let My People Live” addresses social conflict through an innovative stylistic merge of Jazz, Urban Inspirational and Hip Hop music.  Person’s anthem of human tolerance also includes Dre King (trumpet) and Deacon Izzy who delivers hard hitting lyrics ripped from the devastating violent news headlines occurring every day in our communities.
“Let My People Live”, available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, now has a companion lyric video available on Youtube.  Creatively directed by Benita Bellamy (The Bellamy Group) and designed by Tye Maurice (Breathe Graphics), this thought provoking lyric video visually exhibits the disturbing reality of humanity divided.  The video ultimately captures Person’s goal with the song – to shed light on social injustice and inspire an end result of unity and love.
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So, as we anticipate the upcoming recognition of African-American Music Month, it is with hope that we not only celebrate the history of black music and its significance in entertainment and arts education, but that we also intentionally use music as a unifying instrument of peace.  With every lyric and note, let there be love and unity because we are all one in Christ.

There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female.
For you are all one in Christ Jesus.
(Galatians 3:28)

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SOURCE: The Bellamy Group

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