Uber’s Vice President of Maps Brian McClendon Leaves, Decides to Move Back to Kansas

Uber vice president of maps and business platform Brian McClendon is leaving the ride-hailing giant, another in a steady stream of recent departures from the troubled company.

McClendon, in a statement provided by Uber, described the departure as amicable and long planned.

“After 30 years away, I’ve decided to move back to my hometown of Lawrence, Kansas,” he wrote. “My roots there run deep and traveling back a few times a year no longer seems like enough. This fall’s election and the current fiscal crisis in Kansas is driving me to more fully participate in our democracy — and I want to do that in the place I call home.”

McClendon said he would be staying on as an Uber advisor.

The executive’s move comes on the heels of Uber president Jeff Jones’ far less friendly departure. On Sunday, Jones abruptly quit the $68 billion tech company, citing his concerns about Uber’s leadership issues.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Marco della Cava

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