Rebekah Lyons on the Message In Her Newest Book, “You Are Free”


Do you remember a time in your life when you felt truly free? That’s the question Rebekah Lyons, author and co-founder of Q Ideas, wants women to consider before reading her newest book, “You Are Free: Be Who You Already Are.”

“I have met so many women over the years with a sense of resignation and discouragement and even a lostness as to what true freedom means,” she said. “So many of us feel burdened by a sense of not being true to who we are and to what God put in us from the beginning, and that was something I wrestled with as well.”

In the book, Lyons shares the experiences that helped her to overcome this lostness and to find the freedom to fully step into God’s plan for her life. With a kind and honest voice, she invites women to consider the areas in their lives where they aren’t free, to confess those areas of brokenness, and to trust in the promises of God to bring freedom and deliverance.

We interview Lyons below to find out more about the book and its message.

What are some of the most common barriers to freedom?

Fear, to me, is the biggest one, and it takes on lots of different forms. We’re afraid that we’re too much or too little, for instance. Or we’re afraid that we’ll be overbearing or underwhelming. And I think what we’re most afraid of is that if we take a risk, we will fail – so we’d rather just remain comfortable and safe, even if we’re miserable in our current context.

What I’m finding, though, is that fear is overcome by vision and inspiration and hearing other people’s stories of lost-ness. We can shrivel under the negativity of the world and grieve our losses, or we can release all of the things that have broken our hearts so that we can once again be filled with joy, hope, confidence and all the other things that freedom offers.

You write about experiencing supernatural healing in the book. In what ways has sharing this experience impacted others? 

I had full-on panic attacks during the first two years I lived in Manhattan, and they were so debilitating that it was all I could do to cry out to God. During one attack I said, “Are you there, God? Do you care? Save me. Help me,” and I became flooded with peace. There are moments like that when God just sweeps us into his love, and that perfect love casts out all fear. I think a lot of people are unsure if there’s a God who is all-powerful and who cares about their innermost pain, but I believe he just wants to know if he’s welcome. He’s a gentleman so he never forces himself on us; we have to be honest about our pain and invite him into our brokenness.

The more I’ve shared that message, the more I’ve seen women experience the same power that rescues, redeems and restores. And all of their stories are different, but each one is powerful because they show that God makes himself available to everyone who asks.

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SOURCE: The Huffington Post
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