Photo Shows Trump and Pence Praying With Gorsuch After His SCOTUS Nomination Announcement


President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, along with a few of their family members, as well as Maureen Scalia, and Fr. Paul Scalia, the wife and son of the deceased conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, prayed with Judge Neil Gorsuch after his nomination to the nation’s highest court.

Trump tweeted out a photo of the group with their heads bowed in prayer:

Many conservatives and Christians praised Trump’s nomination of Gorsuch, who is a Constitutional originalist and will, they believe, uphold conservative values. Gorsuch has also been praised for his exemplary education and intellect.

CBN News spoke with the Rev. Franklin Graham about Gorsuch’s nomination to the Court. Graham, who wasn’t officially a supporter of Trump throughout the 2016 election cycle, strongly encouraged people to vote for a candidate who would appoint a conservative Supreme Court justice.

“This election is not about anything else than, it’s about the Supreme Court and who do you trust to nominate the next justice. And this man, certainly for all of us Christians, we are very thankful that President Trump nominated him because he will protect religious liberty and that’s what, for me, that’s what I’m very concerned about is religious liberty,” Graham said.

SOURCE: Christian Headlines
Veronica Neffinger

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