Britney Spears Tweets Bible Verse In Response to Katy Perry’s ‘Head Shave’ Comment


Hit me, baby, one more time… with a bible verse!

In an apparent rebuke of Katy Perry’s head-shaving comment from the Grammys Sunday night, the Princess of Pop, Britney Spears, took to Twitter this week to seemingly throw shade at the “Roar” singer.

Spears, 35, tweeted out a photo of cupped hands out in front of a shrouded sun captioned with a Bible verse:

“Her mouth speaks from that which fills her heart (heart emoji) Luke 6:45,” the tweet reads.

Does it mean Spears is calling Perry insensitive? Well, that’s open for interpretation.

Spears’ fans, of course, immediately took the message as a rebuttal against Perry’s apparent off-color remark about mental health and shaved heads, which she made during an interview with Ryan Seacrest.

Some in the Twittersphere called it a “classy” way to put Perry “in her place.”

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SOURCE: New York Daily News
Dan Gunderman

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