Wife of Former Pastor Pete Wilson Files for Divorce Following His Resignation from Nashville’s Cross Point Church

Brandi, Pete, Jett, Gage, and Brewer Wilson (Credit: Leading and Loving It)
Brandi, Pete, Jett, Gage, and Brewer Wilson (Credit: Leading and Loving It)

A Megachurch pastor from Tennessee, who resigned in September 2016, is now being divorced by his wife.

Pete Wilson was the senior pastor of Cross Point church, which had five sites around Nashville and around 7,000 members – claiming to be one of the fastest growing in America.

Wilson gave up his role after telling his congregation, “for some time now I’ve been leading on empty”.

Now, the Christian Post reports that Wilson’s wife Brandi has begun divorce proceedings, citing no specific reasons. However, her statement says that she, “alleges that she has additional statutory grounds for a divorce in this cause and would reserve the right to amend these pleadings to allege additional specific statutory grounds for a divorce and to request specific relief in this cause, if such should be necessary and appropriate.”

The couple founded Cross Point church together and had led it for 14 years before Wilson stepped down late last year.

When asked for a comment, the church said, “We didn’t know about the divorce when Pete left on Sept. 11, 2016, and when we learned of the filing, we too were shocked and saddened. Our prayers continue to be with Pete, Brandi and their three boys.”

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SOURCE: Christian Today
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