Statistics Show Divorce Rates Increase In January


The divorce rate increases in January, so much so that many divorce lawyers refer to January as “divorce month.”

According to statistics from the website, January has the highest rate of divorces of any month in the year.

Reasons for this, according to the National Review, likely include couples not wanting to put their families through a divorce over the holidays, as well as New Year’s resolutions prompting reconsideration of relationships.

“As soon as New Year’s is over, then they are ready to start a new life and be done with the marriage,” said Tamara Fackrell, a divorce attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Institute for Family Studies provides a chart detailing the divorce rate in each month. January has the highest at 79.3, while December has the lowest at 63.9.

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SOURCE: Christian Headlines
Veronica Neffinger

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