Pure Flix Planning “God’s Not Dead 3” Movie


Last spring, the film God’s Not Dead 2 opened as one of the top five films at the box office, continuing the success of its predecessor. And now Pure Flix’s David A.R. White says the studio is in the planning stages of God’s Not Dead 3.

“We’ve just been in a lot of prayer and trying to figure out exactly what God wants number three to be,” White told CNSNews.com. “We want to follow where God is leading on these movies.”

Viewers who sat through the credits of God’s Not Dead 2 may have an inkling where the next film will go. In the post-credits scene, a pastor is arrested and is his sermons are seized.

God’s Not Dead, released in 2014, earned $62 million against a budget of $1.2 million. It is one of the most profitable movies by percentage in cinema history.

White recently published Between Heaven & Hollywood (Zondervan), a memoir of his journey from his Mennonite home in Kansas to his career as a filmmaker. White has starred in more than twenty-five movies and produced forty films. He serves as a Managing Partner of Pure Flix, the largest faith-based movie studio in the world.

SOURCE: Family Fiction

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