#BellsForAleppo: Churches Around the World Ring Bells for Thousands Killed In Aleppo


Churches around the world are ringing their bells to honor those killed in the ongoing conflict in Aleppo, Syria.

According to ChristianToday.com, more than 500 churches are participating in the campaign called #BellsForAleppo.

Around 275,000 people are reportedly still trapped in Aleppo as fighting continues between the Syrian government and the rebel forces, and thousands have lost their lives in the conflict. Many have been buried under rubble from bombings.

Lutheran Kallio church in Helsinki, Finland began the movement on Oct. 12.

“After reading the news that day, of Aleppo, we decided to ring funeral bells at 5pm to remember the deaths. First I just asked a few local churches to join us,” said Vicar Teemu Laajasalo.

Among the 500 churches that have joined the Finnish church are churches in Britain, America, Australia, and many other countries in Europe.

“We all see the devastating events in Aleppo, but at the same time feel powerless to help, because of the complexity of the situation. With the bells, we want to make our voices heard, and give hope for better future,” Laajasalo added.

The churches will ring their bells through United Nations Day on Oct. 24. To sign your church up to join the movement, click here.

SOURCE: ChristianHeadlines.com
Veronica Neffinger

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