Christian Leaders React to This Week’s Police Shootings of Black Men


We cannot be silent.

In the last several days, two African-American men have been killed by police.

In Tulsa, a man named Terence Crutcher was shot and killed after his car stalled out in the middle of the road. Video from the shooting appears to show Crutcher with his hands up in the moments before he was shot.

In Charlotte, Keith Lamont Scott was killed after police officers came to his apartment complex looking for someone else. Police say Scott exited his car and refused to put a gun down. His family, however, says he was unarmed.

The shootings have sparked protests and demonstrations, and in Charlotte, things have gotten violent, with the governor declaring a state of emergency.

The two shootings follow several years of similar incidents, in which black Americans have died in police shootings or while in police custody. Many are calling for reforms, and the Black Lives Matter movement continues to bring new awareness to the violence.

We recently collected tweets from pastors and Christian leaders around the country, who’ve shared their thoughts, prayers and calls to change on Twitter.

Click here to read the list of Tweets.

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