Introducing International Recording Artist and Psalmist Denise Josiah and Her “Songs for the Heart”


Singer, songwriter, and worship leader Denise Josiah was born on the Caribbean island of Saint Maarten and has since developed into a passionate psalmist with a heart for God. Now residing in Maryland, Denise has performed extensively throughout the region and across the United States and Europe. Growing up as a pastor’s kid, Denise was no stranger to the stage. Her enthusiasm for life and her love for music led her to the microphone at the very early age of four and since then, she has blossomed into a powerful classically trained soprano with a multi-genre appeal.

Denise has now embarked on launching her solo music career and released her first CD project SONGS FOR THE HEART. Produced by her husband Dr. Donnell Josiah, SONGS FOR THE HEART represents a two-year collaborative effort that includes a wide array of gifted musicians including Phil Lassiter, MoHorns, Buddy Lakins, Jonathan DuBose, and singers from Darin Atwater’s Soulful Symphony. SONGS FOR THE HEART is independently released on she and her husband’s production company joDah, LLC.

The first gospel radio single from SONGS FOR THE HEART is “God Meant It For Good”. Denise integrates her sparkling classical vocal into this original traditional standard that is inventively topped off with a sizzling horn arrangement.

Listen To “God Meant It For Good”

Denise’s music background, not confined to any one artistic genre, represents a colorful tapestry of genres ranging from classical to gospel. Against this backdrop, she continues to enthrall her listeners by her adept vocal ability and her heart for worship. Denise holds a Master’s Degree in School Counseling and undergraduate degrees in Psychology, Spanish, and a minor in Music, and was well regarded as a gifted classical vocalist with the Andrews University Singers. Ultimately, Denise is passionate about her love for God and is committed to spreading this love through song, connecting the hearts and minds of her listeners to a God who cares and loves.
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