Derek Minor: People Think ‘I’m the Reach Records Police’


Christian rapper Derek Minor spoke to the Bad Christian Podcast where he spoke about fighting with people on Twitter, cursing in music, and systematic racism.
The interview show opened up with Minor talking about getting into arguments on social media. He said fighting with people on Twitter about theology and politics is pointless, but for whatever reason, people hold him accountable for controversial topics.

“There’s no grace…that doesn’t work over Twitter,” Minor said on BCP.

In the beginning, the emcee said he used to debate everyone and then realized there was no real discussion going on.

“It winds up being both of us yelling at each other,” he admitted.

Minor said the two most popular things people “beef about” with him is topics of race and talking about Reach Records. “Racial reconciliation gets me in so much trouble,” he said with a laugh before adding, “For some reason anytime someone at Reach Records does something wrong, they get at me.”

“‘Hey, get your boy Lecrae’ and I’m like, ‘Lecrae is a grown man. There’s nothing I can do even if I wanted to check him. He’s 6’7 and in the best shape of his life,” the rapper said about people who hound him about Lecrae.

He gave another example, “’Oh, Andy Mineo said about this cursing Derek. What do you think about that?’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t know, you have to ask him. I’m just over here writing raps’.”

It is important to note that Minor use to be on Reach Records, so perhaps people assume he left because he doesn’t agree with them. That is not the case at all. Minor left to form his own label.

“I guess I’m the Reach Records police, or I’m the militant black panther guy,” said Minor.

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SOURCE: Rapzilla
Justin Sarachik

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