“When God Left the Building” Documentary Now Available on DVD (Video)


A provocative new film providing a candid examination of the recent decline of the American church is set to release on DVD.

The documentary When God Left the Building explores why American churches are facing declining attendance and support. It will be available on DVD February 15.

To make the film, director Thom Schultz and filmmakers spent three years documenting churches around the country, including a congregation that saw its attendance plunge from 900 to 40.

“The American church as we know it is withering,” Schultz said. “What was once the heart and soul of the community is shrinking. The majority of churches across the country are either stuck or in decline. Weekly church attendance has dropped to 20 percent of the population, and this trend has resulted in the closing of 4,000 churches per year.”

During the film Schultz also explores ministries that are using innovative new forms of church and are thriving, including a pub outreach in Pennsylvania and a Texas ministry that gathers in 300 neighborhoods every week.

“Part of their secret is expanding their efforts outside of the four walls on Sunday morning,” Schultz said. “And that’s where we derived the title of the film.”

Previous to its DVD release, When God Left the Building was shown at film festivals, theaters, and churches around the country.

To preview the film or to purchase the DVD, see WhenGodLeftTheBuilding.com.

Special church and community screening packages are also available and include a DVD copy of the film, a one-year screening license, publicity materials and a post-film discussion guide.

When God Left the Building is also available to view via streaming on Amazon Instant Video and Vimeo On Demand.

The film was produced by Group Productions, a Loveland, Colorado-based media company.


Questions about the documentary or inquiries about special screenings may be directed to Adam Bohlmeyer at (970) 292-4340 or abohlmeyer@group.com.

Images and interviews are available upon request.


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