Tasha K. Douglas Empowerless Fatherless Daughters Through Important, Life-Changing Book


All over the world, girls of all ages are growing up in environments without their fathers. Statistics shows that fathers play a crucial role in the lives of their children. Yet, many daughters lack the strong male role model and example in their lives. Many never know or understand why their fathers are absent and they grow up looking to fill a major void.

In My Beautiful Daughter, Tasha K. Douglas offers advice and encouragement to mothers, educators, and book club leaders to show girls who are growing up with absent fathers what it really means to be loved by God. Mothers are challenged to start a conversation with their daughters about her father’s absence and allow her to heal by sharing her feelings. Educators are encouraged to give this book to the fatherless daughters they teach to help them heal. And book club leaders are asked to make this book one of their monthly reads, host a mother-daughter chat, and empower girls and young women in a wonderful way.

Tasha K. Douglas answered a call from the silent cries of fatherless girls and young women. She lovingly offers words of wisdom and helps girls experience God’s love and grace.

Here’s what people are saying about My Beautiful Daughter:

I myself was raised without a father and I have a 8 year old little girl now who’s father is not that great. I’m looking forward to her reading this. It’s so hard to raise children with God in this world. I greatly enjoyed this book.
– Nicky

I think this is a very creative way to reach out to young Christian girls. I really like the way Douglas has taken the fictitious story of Briana and related it to her lesson about God. If I were teaching a Sunday school class for teen girls, I think this book would need to be on the reading list.
– Jessica

I was compelled to give this book to a girl at my church who was being bullied at school…
– Robin

tashadouglaspicI’m a daughter, sisterfriend, wife and mother who believes in the transformative power of story–especially your own. Many folks talk about the pain of fatherlessness from a distance. Not me. Been there, done that, stayed far too long. I know the hurt intimately. By God’s grace, these days I live beyond my wound and walk by faith into the arms of our heavenly Father. And my prayer is that every girl with a heart that aches for her Daddy will experience the God who never leaves, but always loves. After I pray, I produce transmedia content like My Beautiful Daughter for women and girls.

To find out more about Tasha K. Douglas, visit: www.tashakdouglas.com.

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My Beautiful Daughter is published by Faithgirlz, a Harper Collins Christian brand that delivers quality, relevant content for girls. Order at www.tashakdouglas.com.

SOURCE: Vision Public Relations Group

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