Chicago Pastor: ‘Prayer Is Our Weapon of Warfare’ Against City Violence

(FOX 32 News)
(FOX 32 News)

Chicago is off to a horribly bloody start in 2016.

But now, there are two unique approaches to bringing peace to the city. One calls on more manpower, while the other calls on a higher power as thousands gather to pray for peace in every corner of Chicago.

“If there’s anything Chicago needs and desires, it’s prayer,” said Reverend James Meeks.

In the House of Hope, they gathered to pray for restored hope for a city that has become synonymous with violence.

“We believe that it is through prayer that hearts will be transformed, the work will start from the inside and be found on the outside, it will be noticed on the outside,” said Pastor Shando Valdez of New Jerusalem Baptist Church.

Pastor Valdez lost one of his church youth workers to violence two years ago. Leo Matias was killed in a drive-by shooting on a job site.

“Father give us a deep capacity to cry out to you for the city of Chicago all 77 neighborhoods,” the group prayed.

On Wednesday, Pray Chicago event brought together people of all colors and faiths, young and old, united in one heart for one city.

Reverend James Meeks says with all the violence, Chicago is in need of some divine intervention.

“I think that some of the violence in Chicago and some of the problems we are facing has to do with the fact that people have actually turned their back on God,” Rev. Meeks said.

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SOURCE: Fox 32
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