Author Barbara Lachance Releases “Saying Yes to God” Today


Several Upcoming Media Appearances Include CornerStone TV’s “Real Life” and other Media to Talk About Her Book

Author, speaker and ordained Anglican minister Barbara Lachance is excited to announce the release of her third book, Saying Yes to God  today, January 5, 2016.

Lachance will be appearing in a number of upcoming television and media appearances, including a taping on CornerStone Television’s flagship program Real Life on January 20 to talk about her new book, and her family’s experiences loving and caring for what some would consider “the least of these.” The air date for Lachance’s appearance on Real Life is scheduled for  February 10, fans worldwide can watch the show online at   Other media appearances include The Shaun Tabatt Show, Gary Alan’s Express and Spiritual Encounters with Caspar McCloud. 

Saying Yes to God chronicles the true story of the Lachance family’s decision to obey God’s call, no matter the cost, no matter the comfort. This book will benefit every reader by reminding them that life is meant to be lived for others, not in word, but in deed. The inspirational book illuminates the relationship between Barbara Lachance, her family, and the community of moderate to severely developmentally disabled adults and children no one wanted until the Lachance family said “yes” to God.

The heart-felt book is full of laughter and tears as the Lachance family opened the second ever Community Training Home in the state of Connecticut, which later expanded into New Covenant, Inc. a Group Home for Severely Disabled Children. Two of the children, Philip and Gretchen were personally adopted by Barbara and her husband, Gerry, their stories inspire and demonstrate the power of God’s healing love, as the two grew and thrived far beyond their original diagnosis of early death and limitations. Both of them were born with severe mental and physical disabilities. The book rings with hope and the power of God’s love to transform. It also resonates with the truth that every life has purpose, and every life has value.

“The book is primarily about relationship, relationship with God and with each other. It is about the uniqueness of each individual, and the uniqueness of every person’s contribution. It is about saying yes to God in the good times and the bad times, in the good situations and the bad situations, on the mountain and in the valley.” Lachance shares.

This is the third book by author and speaker Barbara Lachance, who has also released the best-selling The Blank Canvas and Prayer For the Workplace, which was co-authored by Lana Thormodsgaard. She was inspired to write the true story of her family’s journey into faith and saying “yes” to God after so many people through the years when hearing her story on TV, radio and in churches and gatherings across the globe begged her to share her story in book form. “So many people have said, this should be a movie, but first, it should be a book.” remarks Lachance.

Lachance is a multi-dimensional and multi-talented woman, besides speaking and ministering globally, she also has discovered a gift for painting, and is a Life Coach. She and her husband Gerry live on a farm in Connecticut, and own and operate Generational Solutions, LLC. The couple also are the Executive Producers of a new film due out later in 2016, The Identity Project, an inspiring documentary produced by InVicta Entertainment.(

Saying Yes to God is available on Amazon, through other online retailers and directly through the website at The book will soon be available on Kindle.

Barbara Lachance is an ordained Anglican Minister, a Certified Life Coach, and a Master Life Strategist. Seeing each person as a unique gift of God, she and her husband Gerry founded the second Community Training Home in Connecticut and later expanded to New Covenant Inc., a Group Home for people with Developmental Disabilities. She is the founder of Connecticut House of Prayer and Spirit Wind Center, two successful non-profit organizations. She has taught internationally on the subject of Pastoral Counseling and Prayer.  Barbara has a passion for teaching people how to have a closer relationship with God through intimate prayer, has seen lives transformed all over the world by helping people unite with God in prayer as they plan their personal and professional lives.

Discovering a talent for painting later in life Barbara is now using her artistic ability as another tool to help individuals discover their divine calling. She is the author of two successful books, The Blank Canvass and, Prayer for the Workplace. Barbara and her husband Gerry live on their farm in Connecticut where they own and operate Generational Solutions LLC. There they share their talents and successes with others who are searching for the tools to operate a successful, Christ-based business. Fans can contact Barbara Lachance at, connect with her through her Facebook page, or reach her via email

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