First Trailer Revealed for Faith-Based Movie, “Miracles From Heaven”, Starring Jennifer Garner, John Carroll Lynch, Queen Latifah

Jennifer Garner in "Miracles from Heaven"
Jennifer Garner in “Miracles from Heaven”

Jennifer Garner portrayed an incredulous mother in a new trailer released on Wednesday for her upcoming Christian drama Miracles From Heaven.

The 43-year-old actress portrays Texas mother Christy Beam in the movie based on Beam’s memoir of the same name that was released earlier this year.

The trailer opened with Christy enjoying a pizza picnic with her daughters and husband portrayed by 41-year-old New Zealand actor Martin Henderson.

‘Mommy! Mommy! It hurts,’ screamed her daughter Anna, portrayed by 11-year-old Kylie Rogers, as their idyllic family life suddenly turned upside down.

Christy was then shown seeking medical help for her daughter who suffers from a pseudo-obstruction motility disorder that leaves her unable to eat and relying on feeding tubes for nutrition.

‘I’m not leaving this hospital until I know what’s wrong with my daughter,’ Christy proclaimed in a Texas twang.

‘There’s no cure for Anna’s condition,’ a doctor solemnly told Christy.

The trailer between scenes noted the film was based on an ‘incredible true story’ and would be in theaters in time for Easter.

Christy was shown on her porch looking up and saying, ‘Can you even hear me?’ while her daughters were climbing a tree.

A large high branch suddenly snapped and Anna dramatically fell but miraculously recovered after being rescued.

‘You’re telling me that when this baby girl fell 30 feet, she hit her head just right and it didn’t kill her and it didn’t paralyze her? It healed her?,’ Garner’s character asked a doctor.

‘Well, this is impossible,’ she stated.

Anna later revealed to her mother that she was told during her ordeal that she would be fine.

‘Who told you that you’d be fine?,’ Christy asked.

Anna smiled coyly as the trailer came to an end.

Christy in her 2015 memoir Miracles From Heaven wrote that her daughter Annabel claimed she visited heaven and met with Jesus while unconscious in the tree.

Her daughter after being released from the hospital following the accident also stopped displaying symptoms of pseudo-obstruction motility disorder.

Miracles From Heaven is due out in cinemas on March 18, 2016.

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