Alabama Author, Vince Cedrone, Releases New Book, “How to Use the Promises of God”


The promises of God are words of both comfort and truth for the believer. In times of challenges and times of triumph, the word of God stands strong and bright. God’s promises hold power that are relevant to the life of the believer. When a believer chooses to believe and accept these promises, they experience victory and receive blessings that are not otherwise available. In How to Use the Promises of God, Vince Cedrone, shows readers how to believe and receive God’s promises and experience both blessings and miracles.

Vince Cedrone writes: “The Holy Spirit was my number one mentor in learning the promises of God. I have taught on the promises of God, and I believe that if Christians can learn the power of these promises, they will live as the head and not the tail. They will learn to make stumbling blocks their stepping stones. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, I have listed every major promise that a Christian would need and how to use each of them. Satan knows the word of God and one of his biggest fears is a Christian who knows how to defeat him with the promises. The promises are a mighty weapon when used properly.”

Vince Cedrone has been in the insurance business for 45 years and the food science business for 8 years.

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How to Use the Promises of God is available wherever fine books are sold including: and Amazon Kindle. Vince Cedrone’s second book, The Warnings of the Bible and How to Avoid its Curses, is also available on and Amazon Kindle.

SOURCE: Vision Public Relations Group

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