Award-Winning Novelist Bonnie Hopkins Releases Third Book In Series, “Beyond The Break”


Bonnie Hopkins’ Riverwood series continues as the third Winslow cousin battles to find a new beginning. The series began with Jaci Winters in best-selling, Seasons, followed by Anita Standhope in Destiny. Now, cousin, C.J. Singleton struggles with the decision of what to do Beyond The Break.

The beautiful, sunny morning when C.J. Singleton left her large luxurious home located in a southwest suburban neighborhood of Houston, Texas, she had nothing more pressing on her mind than her regular Friday morning salon appointment, a little shopping, and running a few errands. She had no idea a chain of events was about to begin that would change the course of her life.

When C.J. returned several hours later and stood in her bedroom doorway, gazing in shock at her husband—former NBA player, Randy Singleton—in her bed with another woman. Devastating hurt, and burning rage engulfed her. She snapped! And in typical, hot-tempered ‘C.J.’ fashion, ran downstairs, expertly loaded her deer rifle, grabbed her camera, and headed back upstairs. She took aim—first with the camera—capturing the engrossed couple who were unaware of her presence. Then she raised the rifle and started shooting . . .

The gunplay, followed by a violent fight, forced her realization that only the grace of God prevented her from committing murder. That realization, and Randy’s life-threatening behavior resulted in the ultimate break of their fragile marriage, and began a season of hardship for C.J. as she sought to survive, work to forge a closer relationship with the Lord, and battle an onslaught of unexpected surprises and life changing transitions.

Through it all, the past tried to entrap her while a new beginning enticed her, however, nobody but God could help her reach beyond the break and embrace the life He had planned for her.

Bonnie Hopkins is a retired Community Relations Consultant for the Houston Police Department where she resides. She is a mother, grandmother, godmother, prayer intercessor, encourager, teacher, mentor, helper, friend and writer. Bonnie retired to pursue other goals, but to her surprise, every path led to writing. She eventually came to understand that it was God calling her into a writing ministry. She writes from a foundation of Christian principles, life experiences and observations. Although fictional, her stories are centered in realistic, relevant, life issues that encourage, inspire and motivate readers to keep looking to Jesus, who is the Author and Finisher of their faith. In addition to writing, Bonnie is mentor and coach to aspiring writers. Bonnie’s books are best-sellers, recipients of awards and recognitions, and have been a blessing to countless readers.

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