WATCH: New ISIS Horror: Video Shows Militants Planting Bombs in the Ground and Blowing Up ‘Apostates’

Appalling: the victims are forced to knee where the bombs have been secretly hidden by the ISIS militants
Appalling: the victims are forced to knee where the bombs have been secretly hidden by the ISIS militants

They have burnt men alive and drowned prisoners in metal cages but now ISIS have released a new video showing off their new horrific method of committing murder.

Filmed in an unknown location in Afghanistan, ISIS militants are shown burying several explosive charges beneath the ground before covering them with earth.

The ten prisoners are blindfolded and led up to where the bombs have been buried before they are forced to their knees. The bloodthirsty jihadis detonate the charges, killing all the prisoners.

All the victims are described as ‘apostates’, according to the ISIS video, which appeared on jihadi social media accounts last night.

It is believed the victims are from the Shinwari tribe and were accused of aiding the Taliban in the Afghan province of Nangarhar, where ISIS was recently expelled.

Several of the other victims were also condemned to death for helping the Afghan government counter the longstanding insurgency in the troubled country.

The video appears heavily co-choreographed with the ISIS fighters riding on horses across the green hills with the early morning fog adding to dramatic effect.

The two arriving militants appear surprisingly young with their fashionable looking trainers underneath their long flowing black shalmar khameez.

Keen to carry out their horrendous act of brutality, the two new arrivals rush to join the line of militants standing behind the line of prisoners.

All ten of the victims are blindfolded with a beige coloured scarf, with several of the victims appearing to be elderly in comparison to their young captors.

All the ISIS fighters carry machine guns and only one of them attempts to hide his identity by wearing a black balaklava.

Once ready, the ISIS militants lead their prisoners to where the bombs are buried, dragging their victims by their loose blindfolds.

Several militants are shown putting the final preparations to the bombs, checking the yellow wires are correctly secured before covering up the explosives with earth.

The prisoners are led up to the hill and made to stand in a line.

Concealed in the ground beneath their knees, the deadly explosive charges lie in wait, having been carefully wired up by several ISIS militants.

Unknown to the blindfolded prisoners, they are made to kneel on the freshly relaid mounts of earth, where the explosives are buried.

The two ISIS fighters wait by the prisoners before sprinting away from the line of victims just before the bombs detonate.

The final scenes are too graphic to describe but represent the inhumane brutality of the jihadi organisation, who are continuing to grow in strength in Afghanistan.

ISIS have developed an brutal reputation for their unimaginable levels of cruelty and violence.

SOURCE: Tom Wyke
Daily Mail

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