Lisa Thomas-McMillan Shares the Amazing Power of Serving Others in New Book, Living Fulfilled: The Infectious Joy of Serving Others


Over 800 million people around the world do not have enough food to eat. Hunger, as it stands now, is the number one health risk because it kills more people every year than any disease including AIDS and malaria. Every 3.6 seconds, a person dies of hunger and 75% of those people are children.

Many of us don’t see hunger as a serious issue, but it is and Lisa Thomas-McMillan has dedicated her life to doing something about it. In her book, Living Fulfilled, she takes readers through her life in working-class poverty, to her days in Los Angeles, and to accepting the call from God to return to her hometown of Alabama and dedicate her life to serving the hungry.

Lisa tells her story not for compassion or sympathy, but to show others how fulfilling it is to live a life that is in service to others. Service is very close to the heart of God because He dedicates His life every day to serving the people He has created. Lisa’s testimony is powerful and reflective of the fact that God is ever present and ever ready to help those in need. Readers will be inspired to dedicate their lives to service in some capacity.

Hunger Activist Lisa Thomas-McMillan lives in Brewton, AL with her husband Freddie. She has been involved in the hunger movement for almost twenty years. A Baby Boomer born to poor laborers Lisa knows what hard times feel like. She owns and operates a restaurant in Brewton, AL (Drexel & Honeybee’s). Lisa also operates a food bank Carlisa, Inc. since 2002.

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