Indie Christian Hip-Hop Artist LaToria Releases “Constant (feat. TJ Pompeo)” Single


New single from LaToria. Production by Maulik “Gumbo” Smith and guest vocals by TJ Pompeo.

LaToria shares, “The goal for Constant was to reflect on G-d’s loving character. To celebrate the fact that in spite of how we fail daily, He loves us and is patient with us as we stumble towards sanctification. He doesn’t give up on us even when we want to give up on ourselves. While we were yet sinners, He died for us. (Romans 5:8). My hopes is for someone who is feeling condemned to be able to rest in and be empowered by the finished work on the Cross. That they would get up and keep walking. TJ Pompeo does an outstanding job of vocally expressing the warmth of G-d’s constant love for us.”

Listen on Soundcloud: LaToria “Constant (feat. TJ Pompeo)”

Connect with LaToria:
Twitter: @latoriamusic


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