Name (and Face) Showing Up in Facebook Ads? Here’s How to Stop It

Your name may be appearing in Facebook ads (Photo: Facebook)
Your name may be appearing in Facebook ads (Photo: Facebook)

My wife’s cousin Tina was aghast.

Why was I advertising Uber on Facebook and suggesting she should be a driver for the app-based taxi alternative company?

She wasn’t the only one upset

I was stunned to hear that my name was being used by Facebook in sponsored posts. I thought I had taken care of updating the privacy settings some time ago.

So either Facebook changed the settings afterwards or I’m crazy. (Internet, please be kind.)

Since I can’t see cousin Tina’s Facebook — my ads wouldn’t appear in my newsfeed — I started perusing the feed to see who I recognized in my ads. A lot of friends.

I started calling them, to let them know.

Each one was stunned, and said Facebook didn’t have the right to use their names for promotion. But each one admitted they hadn’t taken the time to tweak the settings.

Here’s how to adjust your social ads settings:

–1. At the top of your news feed page, click the lockbox logo, which is in-between your notifications and Facebook use tab. At the bottom of the screen, select MORE SETTINGS.

–2. Here, click the ADS tab, which is on the left side and 10th from the top. Look for Ads and Friends, the middle category on the right side. At the very bottom, make sure to change “Friends” to “No One,” for the “Pair my social actions,” tab.

To make sure your face doesn’t appear in an ad, Facebook directs you to the Digital Advertising Alliance, where you can opt out from Facebook and other websites, by filling out an automatic form. The process is speedy and hopefully works.

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SOURCE: Jefferson Graham

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