WATCH: Good Samaritans In Texas Killed by 18-Wheeler While Trying to Help Strangers Stranded on Side of the Road


Families are in disbelief after a sad reality is sinking in after five people were killed in a crash in Fort Worth and 12 others were injured.

It happened on I- 30 between the exits for Beach Street and Oakland Boulevard.

A westbound driver lost control and crashed, then good Samaritans, rushed to help but never expected an 18-wheeler to drive right into the scene.

43-year-old Mary Hernandez’s family says she was always taking care of others.

“[She] bathed us, clothed us, drove us around when she got her license, recalls sister Lisa Martinez.”

Hernandez was a single mom to three children, an adopted mother to a host of stray animals, and on the job, she worked as a hospice nurse for terminally ill adults and children.

“That’s the kind of person she was, had a big heart, wanted to help everyone.”

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