Dru Bex Releases “Navigator (feat. Shope)” Music Video


Dru Bex releases a new music video off his forthcoming EP, “Imperfect Messenger”, directed by Tristan Barrocks of WMF Media Group.

Dru says “I love this song. From when I first heard the instrumental from my boy Jeremy Rodney-Hall, fka Q, and then started adding a little of my own production and changing the arrangement, the result reminded me of night time in the city. I pictured myself driving through the cornered, diverse streets of downtown Toronto at night and seeing people from all different walks of life, telling them to follow me as I lead them to the Promised Land, sort of like an urban Moses. Also, the theme plays into the Role Model Records motto which is “follow me as I follow greatness” (1 Corinthians 11:1)

Dru Bex “Navigator (feat. Shope)” music video

“Imperfect Messenger” is available April 24, 2015.

Download for free at www.rolemodelrecords.ca or support Dru Bex by purchasing at iTunes & other digital retailers.

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