‘Apparently, I Have Passed Away’: Cancer Victim Writes Her Own Obituary

Emily Phillips with a grandchild. (Courtesy of Bonnie Phillips Upright)
Emily Phillips with a grandchild. (Courtesy of Bonnie Phillips Upright)

Two weeks before she passed away, Emily Phillips asked her family if she could read the obituary she’d penned for herself. Finally ready to hear it, her family sat around the hospital bed as she pulled out her laptop, found the document and began to read.

“It pains me to admit it, but apparently, I have passed away,” she wrote in the obituary published in the Jacksonville Times-Union.

By the time Phillips was finished, her husband and children were laughing and crying, said her daughter, Bonnie Upright.

“It was one of the most special moments of my life to hear my mother tell her life story in her words, in her way, in what were incredibly difficult circumstances,” Upright told ABC News. “So as tragic and as sad as death is, her courage and her bravery in facing her death and in wanting to leave a mark her way is incredibly special to the family.”


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SOURCE: Sydney Lupkin, Good Morning America
ABC News

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