The Stand – A Black History Month Concert Series with Role Model Records (Photos)


During 2015’s Black History Month, Role Model Records (RMR) continued its mission of enriching lives and building up role models for the next generation with the second annual Black History Month concert series. RMR began the annual Black History Month celebration because this group of young men (Shopé, Dru Bex, Julien and Dj Lagit), saw the need for positive role models, and the impact that good role models have on an individual’s life. “Seeing the overwhelming success and getting to spend time with students and faculty of participating schools of last year’s celebration, we felt it necessary to remain consistent in our vision, thus presenting the theme for 2015, “THE STAND”, shares Shopé.

Participating schools for this years concert series consisted of schools in at risk neighborhoods and urban communities in the Toronto area.

If history has taught us anything, it is that silence is simply not an option when change is so desperately needed. Those that have shaped the course of history are those who choose to stand for what they believed in, and those who stood for others who couldn’t stand for themselves. Canadian historical icons such as The Honorable Lincoln M. Alexander, Viola Desmond, and their American counterparts such as Martin Luther King Jr., and Harriet Tubman rose to the occasion when change was needed. In turn, their names are forever marked in the history books as individuals who took positive stands that impacted thousands of lives.

More recently the tragic events in Ferguson (and other parts of the US) have once again sparked a heated public debate surrounding the issues of race, prejudice, and police brutality. Many are actively taking a stand and uniting as one, hoping to create a positive change in the way blacks are treated in the justice system. One resounding lesson we can quickly learn from such events, is that standing up for what we believe in makes others pay attention. The goal for this year’s Black History Month celebration was to encourage the youth to stand up and be united against several injustices, such as: bullying, hate crimes, discrimination, racism, and so many more issues. By taking “The Stand” many lives are positively affected now and for future generations. Black History Month doesn’t end with popular historians but it continues through the lives of those who stand up for what they believe in. Everybody has a voice, and everybody has a right to have their voice heard and respected.












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