Some Ministers Agree With Author and Blogger Jarrid Wilson Regarding “Poser” Christians (Video)


Baptist Alan Rudnick says it’s about time the 30-year-old seeker movement comes to an end.

“I think it’s reached its zenith with coffee and hipster pastors and bands — there was more style over substance,” said Rudnick, the pastor of First Baptist Church of Ballston Spa, N.Y. “I hope we’re done with that superficial Christianity.”

Rudnick said he’s encouraged that may be the case by a new book by blogger Jarrid Wilson titled Jesus Swagger: Break Free from Poser Christianity.

The book is an in-your-face challenge to Christians — and those who claim to be — to examine their motives and hearts when it comes to faith.

“It’s one thing to claim a love for God’s Word, his commandments, his divine guidance,” Wilson writes in the introduction. “But it’s a completely different story when one actually tries to live out one’s life based on these things. It’s the difference between night and day.”

In a recent interview with Religion News Service’s Jonathan Merritt, Wilson further explained “poser Christianity” as living with “a façade that their faith is legit and true.”

Worse yet, he told Merritt, posers are rewarded for exuding the external trappings of faith while being without the internal ones that really matter.

By “swagger,” Wilson said he means walking the walk of faith with confidence.

“This divine swagger overflows out of a heart that has been molded by Christ himself, and through this molded heart will one find their motives to be pure and true,” he said in the RNS story.

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SOURCE: Baptist News Global
Jeff Brumley

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