Senator Says ISIS Could Pose Cybersecurity Risk to U.S.


The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee told Fox News that the next frontier for the Islamic State may be cyber-attacks on U.S. infrastructure — and it would be naive to presume the terror group is not developing that capability.

“Everything that revolves around this terrorist organization is done via technology, via the Internet,” Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., said, pointing to how ISIS has exploited the Internet to recruit in a way no other group has.

“To believe they have that type of talent to explode a terrorist organization into the threat that it is today, and that they wouldn’t have the capabilities — we know the intent is there, but we have to assume capabilities are there to target the U.S. infrastructure, companies and government.”

The Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday voted 14-1 to advance a priority bill that Burr says is designed to mitigate the damage from a cyber-attack by creating avenues for more data-sharing. Critics say the bill would further expand the government’s reach into the private lives of Americans.

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SOURCE: Catherine Herridge
Fox News

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