A 15-Year-Old + Rap Music + a Computer = Rapzilla.com (Video)


What do you get when you mix a 15-year-old Christian missionary kid living in Belgium, rap music, and a computer?


Rapzilla is the No. 1 website for Christian music, and it all began with Phillip Rood.

“I started when I was 15 years old in Belgium,” Rood told CBN News. “I was big fan of Christian hip hop, wanted to start a website because I thought I knew a lot.”

His parents were missionaries and wanted him to stay connected to what was going on in the United States.

“Growing up in a Christian home, I didn’t really listen to secular music, so I would go on mp3.com and download as much free Christian rap I could find,” he recalled.

“I got connected with Chad (Horton) pretty quickly after I created Rapzilla. He had another website called HipHopForTheSoul.com,” he said.

The two merged their efforts and over time became co-owners of Rapzilla.

“When I came on with Phil I think we were seeing 20,000 visitors per month,” Horton said. “And now we have 300,000 visitors per month. That’s the change that’s happened in the last five years.”

“That’s amazing because we’re not just pushing hip-hop, we’re pushing the Gospel via hip hop,” he added.

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