Albert Einstein’s Letter Referring to ‘God’ as a Scientific Concept Sold for Nearly £50,000

A letter written in Italian by Albert Einstein in 1925 has sold for almost £50,000 at auction.
A letter written in Italian by Albert Einstein in 1925 has sold for almost £50,000 at auction.

The letter was written in 1925 and addressed to engineer Giovanni Giorgi

A letter by Albert Einstein that is unusually written in Italian has fetched £49,000 at auction.

The Austrian genius’s 1925 missive to Italian electrical engineer Giovanni Giorgi defends his 1915 theory of relativity in the face of strong criticism.

It also speaks of ‘God’ as a scientific concept despite Einstein not believing in a deity.

The letter was penned after the scientist faced the criticism of American physicist Dayton Miller who sought to disprove his theory in a series of experiments.

Dismissing his findings, Einstein wrote to Giorgi: ‘I agree with your opinion on the fact that the movement of an ether with a [mathematical formula] so high is particularly impossible.

‘God created the world with more intelligence and elegance. You’re right to compare with Miller’s works, the laws of aberration.

‘The theory of Stokes-Planck is very artificial and can not – in my opinion – explain this law of aberration.

‘I would be very curious to know the real cause of the Miller’s phenomenon.. I do not doubt the validity of the theory of relativity.’

Although Einstein was fluent in Italian having lived in Italy with his family in the mid 1890s letters written by him in the language are scarce.

A spokesman for RR Auction in Boston, Massachusetts, where the sale was held, said: ‘This magnificent letter is rife with intriguing content – each and every sentence contains a revelatory turn and could be expounded upon at length within the context of Einstein’s life and work.

‘That it is written in Italian is notable in itself. His family had moved to Italy for a few years in the mid-1890s and, although he was fluent, letters in Italian are seldom seen.

‘While in Italy at just 16 years old, Einstein published what is generally considered his first scientific paper, entitled ‘On the Investigation of the State of the Ether in a Magnetic Field.’

‘This presents a nice connection to the letter, which refutes some of the concepts surrounding that very topic.

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SOURCE: DailyMail

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