ESO’s Very Large Telescope Captures the Hand of God Image


This week the European Southern Observatory (ESO)’s “Very Large Telescope” (VLT) captured an image of the Hand of God.


This nebulous globule is also known as “Maw of the Beast”, and lies around 1,300 light years away from the planet Earth. This image was captured as a part of ESO’s “Comic Gems” program which is aimed at capturing images with telescopes such as the Very Large Telescope for education in classrooms and public outreach. The Very Large Telescope operates at the Paranal Observatory.

VIMOS and FORS2 spectrographs on the Very Large Telescope aid in capturing images for this Cosmic Gems series. Another instrument used in this program is the Wide Field Imager on the 2.2-metre MPG/ESO telescope at La Silla.

VLT image of the cometary globule CG4

The Hand of God is known by its slightly more proper name Cometary Globule CG4. This dusty cloud is located in the constellation Puppis and has been captured with high-powered instruments before, but never with such a brilliant amount of sharpness.

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