“Britain First” Group Goes on Christian Patrols of Predominantly Muslim Areas In London

Britain First leader Paul Golding at a rally (BRITAIN FIRST)
Britain First leader Paul Golding at a rally (BRITAIN FIRST)

On a Friday night in East London, activists with a group called “Britain First” took to the streets for what they call a Christian patrol. Our cameras went along with them as they entered a “predominantly Muslim occupied area,” according to one of the group’s members.

It wasn’t long before there was a confrontation.

“What are you filming me for?” shouted a passerby.

“This ain’t your area pal, it’s a Christian area, always has been,” shouted back Paul Golding, the 32-year-old leader of Britain First.

A former truck driver, Golding has been convicted for harassment. While it’s difficult to know how many supporters he has, the group’s Facebook page has more than half a million likes.

“We’ve got to stop putting our heads in the sand and allowing this Islamic extremist cancer to grow in our country,” Golding told me. “We’ve got to confront it head on and that’s what we seek to do.”

“Do you believe that a confrontation is inevitable?” I asked.

“When they’re 40 percent or 50 percent of the population and they’ve got a huge block in parliament, I imagine there will be a civil war in this country,” Golding answered.

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Clarissa Ward

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