Donald Trump says Amy Pascal Should Resign from Sony for ‘Stupidity Reasons’

Donald Trump says Amy Pascal Should Resign from Sony for 'Stupidity Reasons'
Out of a job? Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, may lose her job over emails leaked online in a recent company-wide hack – and Trump believes she should show herself the door.

Real estate titan Donald Trump said Monday that Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal should quit her job because of the ‘stupidity’ involved with asking Rev. Al Sharpton for advice.

Pascal has been caught up in a maelstrom of outrage since her emails were leaked online following a computer hacking spree. Some of those messages were racially insensitive, and Pascal sought out Sharpton to help insulate her from criticism.

‘The [co-chair] of Sony, Amy Pascal, when she goes out and says “I’m going to seek the advice of Rev. Al Sharpton,” who I know very well, she should probably resign for stupidity reasons,’ Trump said.

‘Al Sharpton will toy with her, use her and then dispose of her.’

The New York Daily News reports that Pascal could be fired for her emailed comments.

‘Amy will be getting fired to set an example,’ a source told the paper on Saturday.

She sought out Sharpton’s help to insulate her from a torrent of race-related criticism after her most offensive emails hit news outlets. 

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Source: Daily Mail UK

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