D. Myles Releases Debut Mixtape “Free at Last” Dec. 16


Universalist Accepts Christ and Proclaims Freedom in New Mixtape

Celebrities like Oprah, Deepak Chopra, and Will Smith have ignited tremendous interest in the universe and consciousness. In his debut mixtape, Free at Last, former self-proclaimed universalist Donovon “D. Myles” Hawkins chronicles his journey to faith in Christ alone. Free at Last is set to release December 16, and is hosted by DJ Wade-O.

“As an adolescent, I believed in the universe as a higher power but not in Christ,” D. Myles said. “My family wasn’t into church, and after reading several books I was convinced that hell wasn’t real, and that through relativism we were all free to do what we wish.”

D. Myles converted and accepted Jesus Christ as his savior after connecting with his close friend’s grandfather who was the pastor of New Life Community Church.

“Initially I went to church for futile reasons and just to meet girls, but while I was there, I found myself convicted for the first time. I spoke with the pastor and he told me blatantly that I was a sinner and that I needed a savior. He broke doctrine down to me in a way that I could understand it, and kept me accountable,” D. Myles said.

D. Myles departed from the secular music label that he was signed to as a producer, and began serving Christ wholeheartedly within his church and through his lifestyle. Still enthralled with music, D. Myles went to Full Sail University to obtain a Bachelors of Science degree in Music Production. He solely produced Free at Last.


Free at Last Track-listing
1.Hang Around Us
2.Get Me Out feat. J. Noble
3.Catch Me feat. AR
4.Open Eyes
5.Plans feat. Jalen Searight
6.He Reigns
7.Quiet feat. AB
8.Look at My Sin feat. AB
10.Who we Are feat. Devan Watkins & AB


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