A Beer Called the "Problem Solver": Study says Alcohol in Moderation Can Actually Make You More Creative and Productive at Work


As if you didn’t need another reason to drink, creative agency CP+B Copenhagen just teamed up with Danish brewery Rocket Brewing to design a beer that will boost your creativity. After all, it’s often while relaxing at a bar, drinking a pint, that we find ourselves thinking more creatively about the tasks at hand — whether at work, at home, or elsewhere.

The beer, a 7.1 percent-alcohol by volume India Pale Ale is called “The Problem Solver.” Its bottle design is based on research from University of Illinois Professor Jennifer Wiley, who determined that a person’s “creative peak” comes when they reach a blood alcohol level of 0.075. So, in order to get people as close to this level as possible, the bottle includes a scale, which shows creativity-searching drinkers where to stop drinking, based on their weight.

‘The problem solver’, una cerveza con el alcohol adecuado para desatar la creatividad.  http://t.co/yZIykcDlk4   pic.twitter.com/3AD1tIVP18  — Juan Boronat (@lasblogenpunto) December 21, 2014

“We have often experienced that the best creative ideas, that we have come up with, are not necessarily done within the agency walls, but often at after-hours social gatherings at our local pub,” CP+B Copenhagen managing director Mathias Birkvad told Fast Company. “As an ad agency, we believe that creative thinking can solve any problem. So why not take the idea a step further and use the beer to do something good?”

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SOURCE: Medical Daily
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